Born in Saragossa, Spain in 1960, Javier Vidal studied painting and sculpture at the Escuela de Artes in Saragossa (1978-1983). Later, he exhibited his works, both at individual and collective showings. In 1992, he began to use glass as creative material, and opened his studio in 1996. His production ranges from one-off pieces to limited editions, usable objects, decoration, sculptures and glass for architectural use.

Spanish prize of arts&crafts to best product 2006

-Quinzena d´Art de Montesquiu 1989.Barcelona
-1992-1993Contemporary glass work, Fundació Centre  del  Vidre  de  Barcelona. Spain
-1993-94 Techniques for working with cold glass,   Fundació  Centre del Vidre de Barcelona, Spain
-1994-95 Techniques for construction of furniture an  architectural elements, Fundació Centre del Vidre  de  Barcelona , Spain
-Fusing-Thermoforming, with Frank V .D. Ham, 1996  Barcelona. Spain
-Glass blowing, Fundación Nacional del Vidrio, 1997     Segòvia, Spain
-Casting, with Silvia Levenson. 2003 Barcelona, Spain
-Cutting and pasting of glass I, with Frankz  Rucicka.  2004  Barcelona, Spain
-Cutting and pasting of glass II, with Frankz Rucicka,  2024  Barcelona, Spain

1983 Sala Barbasán, Saragossa, Spain
1986 Sala MIXTO 4, Saragossa,Spain
1988 Department of Contemporary Art, Universitat           Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
1990 Sala Libros, Saragossa, Spain
1992 Galeria Vic-2. Vic, Barcelona. Spain
1999 Vidrio contemporaneo EAAOA. Saragossa, Spain
2000 Escaparate 2000. Saragossa, Spain

1985 La Vía Láctea. Saragossa. Spain
1986 Pablo Gargallo Art Gallery. Saragossa. Spain
         Modo Art Gallery. Saragossa,Spain
1987 Salón de los Trece. Saragossa, Spain
1988 A Palace for Young Artist. Sastago Palace.         Saragossa, Spain
1990 Biennal de Tarragona. 28th Tapiró d´Art Awards.          Tarragona, Spain
1990 Approaching Aragonese Art, Provincial Museum of          Saragossa. Spain
1993 13 th edition, saló D´arts P´lastique Baix Camp, in           Reus, Tarragona, Spain
1993 Bienal de Valls. Guasch Coranty Awards, in             Valls, Tarragona, Spain
1995 "Ninety Years of Art in Aragon", Luzán gallery,            Saragossa, Spain
1995 Banana Factory Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1995Transparencies, the theatre of Sings, Glass           Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain
1998 Glass Containers, Hipòtesis Art Gallery. Barcelona
1998 New Art, Aspectos Art Gallery, Barcelona
1999Primavera del Disseny, Aspectos Art Gallery,           Barcelona, Spain
1999 New Art. Aspectos Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2000 New Art. Aspectos Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2000 Montcada workshop, Barcelona, Spain
2000 Espai 21. Cambrils, Tarragona, Spain
2001 Laura Márquez Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2002 H´Art Antwerp. Antwerpen, Belgium
2002 DATTRA. Tendence. Frankfurt, Germany
2002 DATTRA. Artonivo Art Gallery, Bruges, Belgium
2003 DATTRA. Tendence, Frankfurt, Germany



stained glass

sCULpTURes 2003


SCULpTURe 2001